A song a day for Lent!


Day 40 - the end:

Hi folks this is my last lent song, a little overdue. I’ve been pretty busy lately, mainly with procrastination as I was running a bit low on inspiration. But I recently restrung my classical gut string guitar and found a new lease of creative life!

I did write another song earlier, but it was a bit too dark to use for my last lent song, so I made this one up instead. I guess the song is loosely based on the concept of an ending and a new beginning.

Day 39 - fickle:

Yesterday I fell in love 3 times
Today I’m losing count
Running out of fingers and toes

I’m fickle as a breeze
Blowing the blossom all around this town

Day 38 - burnt rice

Today I managed to burn a whole load of rice, just so happened that i forgot all about it, even though I was sitting in the kitchen…. special.

Day 37 -my favourite socks

For you babe, I’ll wear my favourite socks… I’ll even wear a tie…..

Day 36 - Wake up call:

Ok so I’m a few days behind, but I’ll catch up soon I promise. This song about drinking coffee and eating croissants with the beautiful Lucie Taylor and Gretchen Jacobsen in the morning.

Day 35 - I only exist in your dreams:

I thought I should try and write a proper folk about death, so here it is.

Day 34: inconspicuous:

This song is about my occasional hermit tendencies…

Day 33 - bare:

Yesterday I recorded some songs for a documentary…. I was talking about how I believe songs should be real painfully honest.

However, for me songs can sometimes be too raw to ever play to anyone, or for the time being at least.

I agreed to play one of these songs… it brought some painful memories which actually still feel quite raw. I think it was a good thing recording the song - I’m hoping this will provide some catharsis and healing…. here’s to hoping.

Day 32 - Sunshine in cleaver square:

This song is about a a gorgeous sunny Friday afternoon drinking whisky and gin with friends in cleaver square (where I live).